East Side Sierra Shuttle Payments

East Side Sierra Shuttle

East Side Sierra Shuttle Fees   

Please choose the amount of money as per our agreement.

Clicking on any of the "Add to Cart" buttons indicates agreement with the terms detailed below including, but not limited to, an understanding that there are NO REFUNDS for cancellations within 14 days of the scheduled travel date.

one-hundred-bill.jpg Hundred Dollar Bill
One Hundred Dollars
fifty dollar bill.jpg Fifty Dollar Bill
Fifty Dollars
twenty-20-dollar-bill.jpg Twenty Dollar Bill
Twenty Dollars
10_dollar_bill.jpg Ten Dollar Bill
Ten Dollars
five-dollar-bill.jpg Five Dollar Bill
Five Dollars

No Refunds if travel is cancelled within 14 days of travel date.
All deposits are fully refundable,
less credit card processing fees, up to 14 days
before the reservation date and
within 60 days of making the reservation.
After 60 days, PayPal no longer offers
the refund option.
If you need to change the date,
there is no charge for that.
All changes are schedule permitting, of course.

There is a $25 fee for changing the starting point
or ending point of a reservation.
That sort of change complicates my schdedule for
the rest of the day and it means having
to rework my calendar and
refigure the fare, hence the $25 penalty.

No Refunds after 60 days, at my discretion. Also, if you have called me several times and left 10+ messages and had more than one person calling and emailing and then decide to cancel, there will be no refund, PERIOD! (Unfortunately, that happens). Also, anyone calling me via a robo call can not expect service, especially a robo call that calls me repeatedly and does not ever connect. This is annoying, and times 300+ reservations per season, unacceptable. Thank you.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for rudeness or disrespectful behavior.